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The new Android Market is here, and features some of the most radical changes to the app store since it was first launched.

The new interface makes the whole experience feel brand new. The home screen of the Android Market, now features a carousel which let’s users flip through featured apps in a Cover Flow style. They also ditched the tabbed interface for a single, more streamlined page. There are also new categories for Live Wallpapers and Widgets with the promise of more categories for popular apps in the future.

One of the more controversial changes to the app store is the fact the 24-hour refund has been slashed to just 15 minutes.

Previously you were able to get a full refund, for any app or game purchased within a 24 hour period. Developers weren’t keen on this as it meant users were able to ‘buy’ an app, use it and then get a refund, without ever intending to actually pay for it. So while reducing the time solves this problem, 15 minutes is nowhere near enough time to try out an app properly.

Finally, Google is upping the maximum download file to 50MB in hopes of landing richer games.

The new apps store will being rolling out during the next two weeks and will work on devices running Android 1.6 and higher.

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  • 50MB? Dear God. As the owner of a phone with only Android 2.1 I am constantly having to remove apps as my internal phone memory is pathetically small. If an app is over 1MB is size I’m thinking twice… now they can be larger than 50MB???

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