GALLERY: Killzone 3 latest screenshots

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Killzone 3 touches down on the PS3 in February 2011, taking the franchise into uncharted territory as it introduces both Move motion controls and 3D visuals to its running-and-gunning first-person mix.

Following the previous games’ main protagonist, Sev, a Special Forces operative fighting for the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance against the Helghast Empire, the game continues shortly after Sev successfully defeated Radec in Killzone 2. With the dictator defeated the evil helghast Empire are in dissaray, with Sev and co now caught in a volitile and factitous warzone.

But that’s OK, because they’ve got jetpacks to help them this time, and that’s got all kinds of “Win” written all over it.

We’ve nabbed the latest images from the much anticipated sequel, and have posted them below for you to oogle.

Gerald Lynch
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