Burger King offering Whoppers off of LG LCD Menus soon

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Burger King are are to do away with paper-pin board menus in favour of snazzy LG HD screens, it has been revealed today.

“The screens are cost-effective, and in line with the ongoing refurbishment of our restaurants,” Mel Edwards of Burger King said. “We use animated content to drive sales, while immediate price and product updates give us a competitive advantage”.

Partnering with Instoremedia Digital Signage, the next time you order your Whopper meal it’ll likely be read off of either a LG4213 42″, LG3702 37″ or LG4224 42″, with the plan to drive sales through more visually attractive, animated tariffs.

Makes you wonder how far away we are from touchscreen and 3D menus in the majority of retail chains.

Gerald Lynch
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