Barcoo App Helps You Make Ethical Shopping Choices On The Go

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Barcoo a new mobile app attempts to empower ethical consumers, as well as encourage a new generation of ethical shoppers.

The free app gives consumers instant access to a brand’s social, ethical and environmental profile, as well as a product’s nutritional information and price comparison. Barcoo has all the usual barcode scanner features, in addition to a traffic light rating system to help the environmentally and health conscious, make better purchasing decisions.

In recent years being green has become a bit of a fad, with a lot of companies doing the bare minimum, so that they can make this claim. This app helps you instantly discover just how green these companies are. It can help you figure out if a product or company is polluting the environment and to what extent, or if your favourite fish is on the endangered species list.

Barcoo is available for iPhone, Android devices, Nokia, Samsung

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