APP OF THE DAY: Guinness World Records – At Your Fingertips

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Today’s App of the Day come’s courtesy of the record breaking folk over at Guinness. Their iPad-only Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips may not feature the skirt-ripping charms of Cheryl Baker like the old TV series used to, but it’s jammed full of interactive content and neat iOS 4 features.

“This is not the Guinness World Records book for the iPad, this is unique and specifically created content that is dedicated to showcasing everything that is amazing about the iPad and Guinness World Records;” said Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records.

Guinness list the key features as:

* Stunning CGI-video allowing users to explore the Bloodhound Supersonic – which is set to be the fastest car on earth – in a record preview before it has been constructed
* Rotating 360° image of the Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal Edition which is made of 24-carat gold and 600 Crystallized Swarovski elements
* Optimised for iOS 4.2 making the most of the iPad experience with dazzling full screen video and never-before-seen images
* 3-D effect parallax scrolling combined with interactive features showcasing the iPad’s touchscreen technology
* Hot-spot images with hidden facts and figures, plus exclusive interviews with famous record holders – including Lucky Diamond Rich, the world’s most tattooed man

The app even gives you the opportunity to become a certified Guinness World Record holder, without needing to lift an 18 wheeler truck or stick a million piercings in your face. Instead, you’ll be able to break the records of 100m finger tapping, typing the alphabet backwards and longest memory sequences, exclusively through the iPad app.

Click here for more info, and scroll down for some snaps of the app in action.

Gerald Lynch
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