4.1 million PS3 Move controllers sold: Battle of the Sales hots up

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Sony's answer to the Wii and Kinect was the PS3 Move. More accurate than the Wii, and less expensive than the Kinect it's sold very well so far with plenty of high profile titles in the pipeline for 2011.
Sony have announced that they have now sold 4.1 million PS3 Move motion controllers, following news that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect offering has reached the 2.5 million sales mark.

Though Sony’s sales are almost double that of Microsoft’s, their Move controller did have a bit of headstart over the Kinect, going on sale internationally in September, with the Kinect playing catch-up since November.

Microsoft are still adament however that they will reach the 5 million units-sold mark before the year is out.

The PS3 Move is made up of three components; the Move pointer, the secondary Navigation controller and the PlayStation Eye camera. The main Move and Eye components can be bought together as part of a starter bundle.

Sony added that the announcement of 4.1 million units is “cumulative” and “does not include sales of stand-alone PlayStation Eye camera or stand-alone PlayStation Move navigation controller” peripherals, which should go some way towards silencing the Kinect fanboys quick to point out that the Microsoft kit is made up of one single unit.

Gerald Lynch
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  • I’ve got to feel sorry for microsoft, getting all their hopes up, claiming how they’d crush sony’s Move into the ground, and then find out that Kinect has sold a little over half as much.

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