Tablet PC's Are Here To Stay

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The big news today has undeniably been the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. From the various pricing plans to the blinged out CrystalRoc Tab, encrusted with 5700 Swarovski Crystals, it seems that the tablet is big news again.

In August we took a look at the Top 20 tablet PCs to see how they stacked up against Apple’s. Now four months on we thought it would be fun to revisited the article to see what tablets we thought would be game changers.

It is of little surprise that we all thought the iPad would be a success, but it has far exceeded all expectations, with some experts predicting that Apple will sell 21 million iPads by the end of next year. So despite the whole slew of other tablets arriving on the market, it looks like its going to take a lot to kick the iPad off its throne.

Of the tablets we reviewed in August, which do you think is likely to become the iPad’s biggest competitor?

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