Student Fees London demonstration – Twitter comics weigh in

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london student demo thumb.jpgWhile the student fee increases that have inspired today’s protests in London are no laughing matter, we cant help but be tickled by the response from the Twitter hardcore . No-one is spared from the acerbic wit of the Twitterati!

Follow the #demo2010 hashtag to get a giggle in these politically dark days.

Here’s a handful of our favourite tweets so far.

@welshracer : RT @BristleKRS: Sign at #demo2010: ‘KAY BURLEY IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU DON’T INVEST IN EDUCATION’.

@NekoShuffle: I suspect a lot of students who use @foursquare are becoming the mayor of millbank right now #demo2010

@GilletteCondor: Apparently Gazza is on his way to Millbank with some chicken and a fishing rod #demo2010 #nus

@Ashley_Norris: Windows smashed, petty vandalism, riotous behaviour. Yep the #demo2010 is just like a Bullingdon Club night out in 1985 isn’t it Boris/Dave?

@ShaunLowthian: Still, I hope the NUS has a Social Secretary because that is the mother of all bar crawls just waiting to happen #nus #millbank #demo2010

@DavidCameronEsq: Baroness Warsi has escaped the #demo2010 rioters at Millbank by jumping on her broomstick and flying over the crowd

@Swineshead: If you’d just tuned in to Sky News, you’d think the world was on fire and the Queen had been squashed by anarchy itself. #demo2010

@JonathanHaynes: Deal Or No Deal starts in 35mins, that’ll clear out Millbank. #demo2010

@the_Arts_Now: I’m not being judmental, but the students on this march look like borstal inmates! What do they teach in PSE these days #demo2010

@PinkyPinkyMoon: Students on roof have released a statement: “We’re on the roof, lol” #demo2010

UPDATE: – Here’s a few more we just couldnt resist adding in

RT @adambanksdotcom: Apparently Gazza is
on his way to Millbank with some chicken and a fishing rod #demo2010

RT @guidofawkes: Ground floor rioters setting fire to CCHQ building.
Rioters on top of the roof. This could be Darwinian natural selection
at work #demo2010

RT @CloMre: Q: “Why aren’t the cameras on the peaceful demonstrators?”
A: “Because they’re piss boring Belle & Sebastian fans.” #demo2010

RT @Llanos24: Tenner says that the Student Protests turn out to be
another T-Mobile advert! #demo2010

Image credit – @annajleach

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