Sony Ericsson: Windows Phone 7 handset a possibility

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sony-ericsson-logo-thumb.jpgSony Ericsson France CEO Pierre Perron has spoke about the possibility of his company putting out a Windows Phone 7 device in the near future. While Perron didn’t outright confirm or deny such a move, he did make it clear that the OS’s software limits do pose a problem.

“[With] Windows [Phone] 7 we run the risk of standardising our smartphones” he told French newspaper Les Echos, “we would be obliged to fight only on design and price, which we want to avoid.”

The success Sony Ericsson are seeing with the open-source and flexible Android platform seems to be the sticking point here. While Windows Phone 7 is far more open for devs than, say, iOS, it still lacks the feature set and price scalability of Android.

Perron was more assertive though about Sony Ericsson’s postion in the tablet market: he revealed they have no intention of joining that particular race, feeling it unnessecary to become “the 24th” brand to tout such devices.

Via: SlashGear

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