Sennheiser's 500 Series Headphones Now Available In UK

Headphones / Earphones

The Sennheiser’s 500 series headphones are now available in the UK.

These high end headphones come in three different models – HD 598, HD 558 and HD 518, and are equipped with Sennheiser’s E.A.R. (Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement) technology to ensure even audiophiles are impressed. The acoustic baffles are designed to guide the audio signal directly into the ear creating optimal sound quality.

All three pairs, have powerful neodymium magnets and Duofol diaphragms to amplify sound while reducing resonance. They also have a gold-plated 6.3 mm audio jack plug for good connectivity. In addition the HD 558 and HD 598 also include a sound reflector to optimises the spatial sound effect.

The headphones will set you back £109.99 for the HD 518, £159 for the HD 558, and £199.99 for the HD 598.

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