PSP2 images hit the web – twice as much RAM as an Xbox 360?

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Details on Sony’s PSP sequel are starting to trickle in, with some grainy but intriguing images now making their way over to VG247. They’ve apparently got their hands on snaps and details of a PSP2 dev kit, and it’s looking like a powerhouse of a machine.

The pictures show a sliding HD screen which pushes up to reveal twin thumbsticks, a digital directional pad and the familar Cross, Square, Triangle and Circle face buttons. Both front facing and rear facing cameras are included, as well as a microphone, and a rear mounted “trackpad” the use for which your guess is as good as mine.

Though the chipset is yet to be finalised, the handheld is rumoured to be a ridiculously powerful games machine, with around twice as much RAM as an Xbox 360 home console.

However, these details are not based on a final design, but rather on a first generation dev kit for PSP2 games designers. While both EA and Mortal Kombat designers Netherrealm have admitted seeing the device, we’re still a long way off from a final build, with the console pencilled in for a late 2011 launch.

As for this initial design, it’s great to see the inclusion of a HD screen, but that button/stick layout looks a little broken to me. There’s no way you’d comfortably be able to use both those sticks and face buttons at the same time, as you would with a traditional FPS console control layout. If I had one complaint to level at the original PSP, it was that it was an uncomfortable handheld to use over long stretches. Sort that out and then you can count me at the front of the line on launch day.

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