Palm Pre 2 UK price and release revealed, but does anyone want to carry it?

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palm pre 2.jpgThe Palm Pre 2 has finally been given a UK launch date. It’s been a long time coming, but after being bought out by HP earlier in the year, the handset will finally go on sale next Monday, 15th November.

Packing in the impressive webOS, a 1GHz processor, multi-tasking, Flash support and 5MP camera, it’s looking like a worthy successor to the underated Palm Pre.

However, Palm are side-stepping the usual distribution channels to sell the phone SIM-free through for £399.

So far, network carriers don’t seem too keen on offering the Palm Pre 2 at all, with the usual subsidised contracts that help keep smartphones affordable seemingly absent.

Three, Orange and Vodafone all have no plans to stock the device. Even O2, who were initially chuffed to have grabbed the exclusivity deal with the first Palm Pre are giving the second generation device the cold shoulder.

With Palm on the back foot of late, HP must be starting to wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Gerald Lynch
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