Onkyo Launch New Range Of Hi-Fi Components

Hi-Fi Systems

Onkyo, more traditionally known for home cinema receivers, are launching a range of high-end hi-fi components: the P-3000R pre-amplifier, M-5000R power amplifier, and C-7000R CD player. What really caught our eye with this collection was the incorporation of the illuminated VU meter into their amplifier, a feature of more classic systems that we have sorely missed.

The P-3000R pre-amplifier accepts both analogue and digital sources, with connectivity options including AES/EBU digital connectors and a USB input for PC audio. A high-quality 32-bit Burr-Brown DAC is provided for each stereo channel, to optimize audio performance. It also uses a phase locked loop technology minimizes the effect of clock jitter, and bi-amping capability provides greater flexibility for audiophile applications.

The M-5000R power amp uses Onkyo’s advanced wide range amplifier technology along with closed ground-loop circuits, and high instantaneous-current capability. To minimize errors in stereophonic playback, the M-5000R also uses a perfectly symmetrical alignment of power devices for the left and right channels. The efficiency is then optimized by a three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry and a new Quad Push-Pull amplification design that incorporates two extra transistors for each channel. In addition it has twin toroidal transformers and four 27,000 µF capacitors work to stabilize the power supply and current, respectively.

Finally the C-7000R CD Player employs a thermally regulated, high-precision clock with a state-of-the-art crystal oscillator. It can also be operated in analogue-only or digital-only mode.

These three high end Hi-Fi components are definitly aimed at the audiophile and have a price tag to match.

Out next month in black or silver finishes, the P-3000R Pre-amplifier will cost £1,700, the M-5000R Power Amplifier will cost £2,500, and the C-7000R CD player will cost £1,500

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