O2 Customers Can Opt To Upgrade To Xbox 360 or Playstation

Christmas Products

xbox 360 slim real png.png

O2 has announced that they will be stocking Kinect for Xbox 360 as a part of a new Christmas gaming package.

If you are an O2 customer and due for an upgrade, but don’t care about getting a new handset, you might want to consider O2’s Christmas Packages that will allow you to buy an Xbox 360 gaming package for £189.99 on a £25 24 month tariff, instead of taking a new phone. This package will include an Xbox 360 game console with a 250GB hard drive, Kinect and Kinect Adventures, plus a choice of either Dance Central, Kinect Sports or a 12 month Xbox Live membership. If you are not eligible for an upgrade, you can purchase the same bundle without needing to upgrade for £389.99 in approximately forty stores across the country.

Alternatively customers wishing to buy a PlayStation can also choose to upgrade to a Sony PlayStation 3 with a 320GB hard drive and PlayStation Move starter kit – one Move controller, a PlayStation Eye and a starter disc – for free on a £35 24 month tariff.

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