Jetlev Flyer: The Personal Aquatic Jetpack



Ever wished you had a jetpack that could fly over water… now thanks to this crazy invention you can.

The jetlev flyer, lets you fly through the air by pushing the pilot airborne with huge jets of water…basically utilizing jet ski technology. Each stream of water has the lifting force of 400-500 pounds, which as you can see from the video is enough to send a pretty large man flying. The only negative is that you need to stay attached to the giant rubber hose which is attached to your pump raft to supply the pack with water.

Check out the promo video featuring buff men and bikini clad women hanging out with the flyer in the Bahamas below.

The Jetlev Flyer can be yours for only 129,000€

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  • This video is not from the Bahamas. It is the Atlantis hotel in the background but it’s Atlantic Dubai not the Bahamas and the villas in the back are from the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

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