Have Apple Lost Touch?

Apple, iTunes

On Monday, November 15th Apple dedicated the front page of its website to tease an announcement they would be making Tuesday. It read: “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.”

Needless to say this teaser had the online world buzzing over what this “major announcement” could be. With most people putting their money on streaming music or a revamp of their failed attempt at a social network, Ping. However, when the announcement was made and it turned out only to be that iTunes had finally got the Beatles catalog.

As the announcement went up you could almost hear the collective confusion, highlighted as a number of people on twitter tweeted “did Apple just Rick Roll us all?” It seems so, but perhaps more interesting is that by blowing this announcement out of proportion, did Apple just expose how out of touch with their consumers they are becoming? If Apple thinks releasing the Beatles catalogue is a day we wont forget then it seems so.

Hopefully they will make a real announcement soon on whether or not iTunes will branch into streaming music, or even on what they were thinking with Ping.

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