Half Of UK Consumers Consider Buying Tablet PC

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Samsung Galaxy

News that over half of UK consumers would consider buying a Tablet PC comes out today, as the Samsung Galaxy Tab hits the shelves.

A study by Kelkoo reveals that 54% of consumers are considering buying a tablet PC, with a third planning to do so in the next six months. This is probably unsurprising to most as the Christmas season is almost upon us and I imagine tablets are high on many peoples lists.

The launch of the Galaxy Tab has been hailed by many as the iPad’s first serious contender and offers additional features such as phone calls, a camera and Adobe flash. However, Apple still has its fanboys and according to Kelkoo, two thirds of those thinking of buying a tablet, are planning on getting an iPad.

With BlackBerry also set to enter the market, one thing is for sure, the competition amongst tablet manufactures is set to explode.

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