Forget the pooch – Brits more likely to save laptop than pets from fire

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dog-laptop.JPGHere’s a story that will have Rolf Harris crying into his Cheerios this morning; a bew poll of 1,219 Brits suggests that UK tech fans are more likely to save their laptop or mobile phone from a house-fire than the family pet!

Tech won out over poor Fido, with 24% jumping to save thier laptops and 18% grabbing their mobile phones, according to the MyVoucherCodes findings. In comparison, only 14% would have risked going back for going back for their animal companions.

“These results are pretty shocking; however I can see why people would instinctively grab their mobile phone, especially in an emergency. I was surprised that more people would save their phone and laptop than their family pet; it just goes to show what a tech-obsessed nation we have become!”, said Mark Person, MyVoucherCodes chairman.

“Keeping up to date with all the latest technology products can be costly, but these results show how much the products mean to some people.”

Here are the top 10 things, in order of priority, that those polled would save in the event of a house fire:

1. Laptop/Computer -24%

2. Mobile phone – 18%

3. Family pet – 14%

4. Games console – 12%

5. Clothing – 9%

6. Wallet/purse – 8%

7. Jewellery – 6%

8. Photo albums – 4%

9. iPod/MP3 player – 3%

10. Camera – 2%

Gerald Lynch
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