For the Apple fan who has it all : The Steve Jobs action figure

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steve-jobs-toy.jpgI’m not sure we should be encouraging this sort of thing, but if there’s an Apple fanboy or fangirl in your life who sleeps with a little picture of Steve Jobs and refuses to eat anything other than McIntosh fruit salad, then you might want to pick one of these up for them.

It’s a four inch Steve Jobs action figure, complete with iPhone 4, white sneakers and black turtleneck sweater. It’s uncanny. You can even give mini-Steve a little speech bubble’s of his best slogans. “Just one more thing…!” Can you imagine the joy on little Apple Fanboy or Fangirl’s face this Christmas when they unwrap this? Nearly brings a tear to the eye.

It’s sold out right now from the M.I.C Store, but based on their popularity, I’d imagine another shipment ready soon enough.

Me personally? I’m holding out for the Steve Ballmer action figure. He comes with a sidecar and mind control beam.

Gerald Lynch
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