Dinosaurs and David Attenborough to skim the clouds in Sky 3D

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flying-monsters-3d.jpgStick me infront of an Attenborough documentary and I go all wide-eyed and awe inspired. Throw some dinosaurs into that heady mix and I, the world’s biggest Jurassic Park fan, nearly have a heart attack. Imagine the look on my face when Sky announced that Sir David Attenborough’s Flying Monsters 3D would be airing on Christmas Day on their Sky 3D channel!

It will focus on pterosaur species (that is flying dinosaurs for all you budding archeologists out there), and lizard spotters will be able to catch the likes of Dimorphodon, Darwinopterus, Tapejara and Quetzalcoatlus in never-before-seen 3D action.

The one hour show will include “one of the most complicated sequences ever filmed in 3D” according to the press release

“We shot David in a real glider and later superimposed, using CGI, the biggest pterosaur – a Quetzalcoatlus. The idea was to demonstrate the extraordinary scale of the pterosaur, a creature that was longer than a bus and could fly at 75 miles an hour, by setting it beside something from the modern day of the same size that people could relate to,” explained producer Anthony Geffen.

“Flying Monsters 3D represents a landmark in our portfolio,” notes Jeremy Darroch, CEO of Sky. “It’s our first natural history documentary, our first piece of factual content for Sky 3D and for the first time, we’re honoured to be working with Sir David Attenborough, one of the greatest storytellers in the industry. Whether it’s the level of detail that has gone into the historical research or the technological innovations that have been created in order to make this programme, the sheer scale of Flying Monsters 3D is stunning.”

The film will also be released theatrically in IMAX cinemas around the world in 2011 and return to Sky 3D later in the year. Forget the Queen’s speech, that’s my Christmas Day sorted.

Gerald Lynch
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