Battery-powered Toshiba HD TVs to take on power-cut woes

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toshiba-power-series.jpgWe’ve all be there: you’re sitting watching the X-Factor live final or a World Cup penalty shoot-out, only to be hit by a killer power cut at a critical moment. If you think it’s annoying here in the West, spare a thought for those in rural or developing corners of the globe, where consistent power supplies are few and far between.

Toshiba have noticed this problem and are launching a new range of HD TVs that will give as much as two hours worth of extra viewing time, powered merely by an internal battery.

Called the Power TV series, it’s a line that includes the PC1, PS1, PS2 and PB1 sets. These aren’t just minisucle sets either; sizes start at 24 inches and go up as large as 32 inches.The PC1 and PS2 also feature LED-Backlighting to further save on power usage.

Each has an OTA tuner built-in, which, presumably, is the only source you’ll be able to watch TV from in the event of a power outtage.

No word yet on pricing or availabilty.

Gerald Lynch
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  • This is a nice little unit. I find the picture very clear and the sound is not bad, considering the size of the speakers. Very light and has a very good viewing angle, better than some larger lcd’s I’ve looked at. The built in dvd player is simple and works well and the remote is very intuitive and easy to use. The only downside is you cannot mount this tv to the wall. Because of the dvd player it is not compatable with any of the the existing wall mounts. It has no mounting holes for a wall mount. /

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