APP OF THE DAY: Rage HD (iPhone / iPad)

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rage-hd-thumb.jpgToday’s App of the Day is Rage HD from id Software, the same team that brought us the seminal shooter Doom many a moon ago. Just as Doom went on to revolutionise first-person shooters, Rage HD may well change the face of mobile gaming: we don’t think we’ve ever seen a slicker iPhone / iPad shooter than this to date.

An on rails FPS, you’re the star of a post-apocalyptic gameshow called Mutant Bash TV. Imagine the 80’s action flick “The Running Man” but with more ghoulies running around and you’re getting the general idea here. You shoot ’em, you make money. No nonsense, lots of fun.

Graphically it’s easily the best looking iPhone / iPad game we’ve had the pleasure to play, especially on the iPhone 4’s hi-res Retina display.

You’re getting a lot of game for just £1.19, but a lot of game also makes for a sizeable download: 743MB to be exact. It’s one to grab over Wi-Fi rather than 3G unless you have a super-generous data provider!

Click here to buy the app, and scroll down for some shots of Rage HD in action.

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