Android Users Admit Secret Lust For iPhone

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Android-based smartphones sales figures may have risen more than 1000% over the past 12 months, however a recent poll by, found that Android owners were four times more likely to covet an iPhone than vice versa.

According to the poll almost a third of Android owners admitted to longing after an iPhone, whilst only seven per cent of iPhone users stated they’d prefer an Android model. The survey also revealed that over half of first time male smartphone buyers would pick the iPhone where as less than a fifth would purchase the Android.

Interestingly it is estimated that 40% of smartphones sold in the last quarter run off the Android operating system. This study therefore leads us to believe that the Android OS still faces a lack of recognition among consumers.

However, with the iPhone still at the top of most peoples wish list, this study only confirms how difficult it is going to be for Android phones to topple the iPhone.

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