Amp Manufacture Marshall Launches Headphones

Headphones / Earphones

Marshall has announced the launch of their first highly anticipated headphones, the Marshall Majors. The amp manufacture has been making some of the best amps for musicians for over 50 years. Now Marshal has taken the knowledge they obtained making equipment for some of the worlds most prominent musicians, and distilled it into every part of the Marshall Headphones.

Expanding the Marshall heritage of big stage performance to the individual enjoyment of good music, these headphones have been designed with performance and endurance in mind. I personally love that they have really managed to maintain the iconic Mashall aesthetic and only hope they sound as good as they look.

The exterior of the headband is made out of the same vinyl used in Marshall amplifiers and it bears the original Marshall texture. The coil cord refers to vintage style guitar cables and the plug is a beautiful 3.5 millimetre replica of a classic telecaster plug, which can be used with the included 6.3 mm adapter for plugging in to your guitar amp or stereo. They also fold for easy storage and transportation.

The Marshall Majors are available here for €99

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