MySpace Relaunches Network with Music Focus

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Welcome to the New Myspace

MySpace UK | Myspace Video

In one last attempt to save MySpace, the social network has revealed plans to relaunch itself as the leading social music platform.

Despite the fact they should have done this… oh maybe 5 years ago, MySpace has finally realized where their strengths are and in mid-November the UK site will be launching a completely re-branded and redesigned version. We hope this means the will have banned users using animated gifs.

The renewed version of the network will focus on music as a way to set MySpace apart from increasing competition. One of the biggest changes that we could see from their teaser video is the acknowledgement that they are a provider of social content. People use MySpace to share music, not to connect with friends. So by allowing easier integration of MySpace into Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter they may actually have a chance of breathing some life into the Network.
That said we are holding our breath to see what happens as it is very possible it is to little to late.

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