Kinect launch titles revealed – 19 games due in November

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Microsoft Kinect.jpgThe full list of Kinect launch titles have just been announced, and it’s looking a pretty well rounded list so far. An impressive 19 games will be released across the course of the November launch month, ranging from everything from the kid-friendly Kinectimals to the brawler Fighters Uncaged.

With the unit itself due out on November 10th for around £129, be sure to save a little cash to pick some of these up too.

“Kinect Adventures” : Packaged in with every Kinect sensor, this series of minigames is intended to introduce players to the nuances of motion control.

“Kinectimals” (10th November): A bit like Nintendogs, but with a bit of virtual, hand waving petting involved.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 The Videogame” (19th November) : Wizarding and spell casting, with a lot of arm flailing thrown in for good measure.

“Game Party: In Motion” (26th November): Another party-orientated set of mini-games

“Dance Central” (10th November) : one for the X-Factor crowd – have your dance moves rated as the sensor picks up your movements via skeletal joints.

“Your Shape: Fitness Evolved” (10th November) : Wii Fit, without the constraints of the Balance Board.

“The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout” (10th November) : Another fitness game, based on the hit TV show.

“EA SPORTS Active 2” (19th November) : Another fitness title, but with the might of EA behind it.

“Zumba Fitness” (26th November) : Yet another fitness game, which is cryptically set to include “latin themes”.

“Get Fit With Mel B” (26th November) – Spice Girl-endorsed fitness nonsense.

“DanceEvolution” (10th November) : Dancing.

“Dance Paradise” (10th November) : More dancing.

“Kinect Sports” (10th November) : A surprisingly intense, full body take on the ideas first seen in Wii Sports.

“MotionSports” (10th November) : Another sports title, made by the team behind Assassin’s Creed.

“Sports Island Freedom” (26th November) : Island-based sports game, not unlike Wii Sports resort.

“Kinect Joy Ride” (10th November) : Kart racer which may have benefited from a physical controller.

“Fighters Uncaged” (10th November) : Full on punchng and swinging brawling action. One for the bigger kids.

“SONIC FREE RIDERS” (10th November) : A racer with the Sonic team involved.

“CROSSBOARD 7” (10th November) : Could be one to watch, despite little marketing.

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