Bang and Olufsen designer behind Asus 18inch notebook PC


Crafted by Bang and Olufsen designer David Lewis comes this new mega-sized laptop from Asus, the NX90.

Boasting a massive 18.4inch high definition screen and mirror-like finish, it features a pair of huge speakers either side of the screen. On board are Intel Core i7 processors, 6Gb DDR3 RAM and USB 3 connectivity.

Storage space is a healthy 1.2 terabytes – which should be enough for your music and video collection!

Says designer David Lewis: “What we were going for was a piece of design and art that people could place in the centre of their home and take great joy in its appearance. To me, it’s not just a machine, the objective was to create a style to challenge the way people regard notebooks”.

Retailing for £2499, the Asus is available from a number of retailers including Harrods, Micro Anvinka and Selfridges.

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