10 great retro gadgets up for grabs on eBay

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retro gadgets header.jpgSmartphones, tablets, 3D TVs; who needs em? Back in my day it wasn’t about whether or not your mobile could multi-task, but rather if it would fit in your rucksack without the weight of it snapping your spine in two. 3D TV was but a futuristic dream as we made do with the snow-storms of analogue TV receptions, while tablets were something you took when you had had a particularly heavy night on the town.

With technology progressing so quickly these days it’s easy to forget the trailblazing products that paved the way for the iPods and PlayStations we now take for granted, not to mention some of the quirkier tech ideas that were perhaps better off left on the drawing board.

So let’s turn back the clock, scour the online boot-sale that is eBay.co.uk and dig out 10 great retro gadget gems.

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Gerald Lynch
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