PS3 pirates walk the plank as Sony roll out 3.42 firmware update

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ps3-slim.jpgSony are rolling out a “minor update” today that will see the recent gang of PS3 hacks become redundant.

Version 3.42 of the PlayStation 3 firmware will block the use of USB flash drive mod tools that allow back-up copies of games to be played from the console’s hard drive, in essence opening up the possibility of playing pirated content.

N900, Palm Pre, and even calculator devices have also been used in the jailbreaking process, much to the annoyance of Sony.

According to gaming site Exophase “all variants of the USB-hub emulating exploit (PSFreedom, PSGroove, PSJailbreak) are no longer functional in firmware 3.42”.

Expect to see the update applied the next time you fire up your web-connected PS3.

Gerald Lynch
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