Orange network rolls out HD voice calls

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After a string of successful trials up and down the country, Orange have finally rolled out their HD Voice service across the nation.

Orange hope that by utilising high-bandwidth 3G connections, HD Voice calling will allow customers on their network to enjoy crystal clear audio during calls. It eliminates background noise, bringing the callers voice to the fore, meaning that you could feasibly speak on your blower in a club or at a concert without screaming down the line.

The system works by utilising a new codec, WideBand-Adaptive Multi Rate (WB-AMR), which widens the bandwidth of the call from the standard 300-3400MHz range to 50-7000MHz. However, as it requires a HD voice enabled handset, the service will initially be limited to a handful of Samsung and Nokia phones.

The Nokia 5230, Nokia X6, Nokia E5 and Samsung Omnia Pro will benefit from the update, which will come at no extra cost to the user. Expect other networks and phone manufacturers to follow suit soon enough.

Gerald Lynch
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