NASA rocked by "Here you have" email virus

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NASA virus.jpgRemember the scene from Independence Day when hacker Jeff Goldblum defeats the intergalactic alien army by uploading a computer virus onto their mothership? Well, it looks like the aliens have finally struck back, as US space agency NASA have come under fire from a rather nasty virus themselves.

OK, so it’s not as likely to be the alien horde as it is some cheeky little spammer in a dark bedroom somewhere, but that’s no less of a reason for us all to get a little alarmed. Dubbed the “Here you have” virus by McAfee, it’s spread via an email attachment that, once opened, resends itself to all your contacts before disabling your security systems.

If not pulled into line it has the potential to knock any number of email servers out of action.

While we wait for Brundlefly himself to come and save the day, a word of warning; avoid emails with the subject “Here you have” like the plague.

Gerald Lynch
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