IFA 2010: ViewSonic Viewpad 7 tablet hands on – VIDEO

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IFA 2010 could pretty easily have been renamed Tablet Land this year, with more slate-style devices around every corner than you could shake an iPad at. Picking up a fair bit of pre-show interest was ViewSonic’s ViewPad 7. Tech Digest headed over to their stand to check it out, where ViewSonic’s Derek Wright was more than happy to demo the device for us. Check it out in the video above.

Overall, the ViewPad 7 is looking pretty good. Though it’s a plastic build, it’s well put together, and likely keeps production costs low. Capacitive response on the 7 inch display was fine, and though the 600MHz Snapdragon processor may sound a little underpowered, it had no problems whizzing through all the Android 2.2 features on display.

It’s a pity there’s no built in memory, so you’re going to have to grab a decent microSD card to make the most of the ViewPad 7. You’ve also got phone-smarts inside for calls and texts, though like the Dell Streak its size means you’re going to need a Bluetooth headset for this function to make any practical sense.

It’s slated for an October release, at somewhere around the £350 mark.

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Gerald Lynch
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