IFA 2010: Interpad enters the Android tablet race, but can it take on the big boys?

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E-Noa were on hand at the IFA 2010 conference in Berlin this week, displaying their InterPad Android tablet. First shown off back in July, it’s still a little way off from release, though Tech Digest were still able to have a brief play about with the device.

Though it’s running Android 2.2, E-Noa are looking to customise the UI somewhat to better suit the tablet’s 10 inch 1024×600 display. This is still evidently a work in progress, with legacy icons such as the phone call shortcut still present, despite only cellular data being carried over the optional 3G/UMT connection.

1080p video playback runs smoothly off a Tegra 2 chipset, with a claimed 12 hour battery life more than enough to burn through an entire season of most shows. It’s a bit heavy though, and that’s likely thanks to the same 3,500mAh battery pack that’s offering that impressive battery length.

With so many tablets on display at this year’s IFA, it’s difficult to judge just how successful a slate without the backing of a major brand name will be. The InterPad is looking like a very competitive option as it stands though, and if they can sort out the UI glitches and drop the pricing a little (you’re looking at around 399 Euros) they may yet stand a chance.

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