Google TV release date let slip by Intel exec

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google TV old.jpgIntel CEO Paul Otellini has inadvertently let slip the long-anticipated release date of Google TV. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, the Intel head-honcho also spoke of the forthcoming face-off between Apple TV 2 and Google’s offering.

According to Otellini, Google TV will be coming “this month” in North America, though he was less keen to disclose in what form though. He did however reveal that as well as Sony and Logitech, “many, many companies” are interested in working alongside the search giants in their first TV venture.

Otellini also spoke candidly about predicted audiences for both Google and Apple’s offerings. “I believe there are probably households that one will appeal to and the other won’t. My mom might use an Apple TV because it’s really simplistic. My son is probably going to buy a Google TV, simply because it’s cool.”

Google TV is expected to hit the UK in early 2011.

Via: Wall Street Journal

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