Citroen and Lacoste reveal concept car collaboration design


French car-maker Citroen and high-end fashion label Lacoste are set to reveal a car designed in collaboration by the two companies at the Paris 2010 Motor Show.

The open-top, four-seat, hatchback looks a bit like a Renault Twingo from the future. But before you get excited about getting your hands on one of these sweet little rides, there is more chance of you finding one in your nose than finding it at you local Citroen dealership.

This car is sadly merely a concept. Citroen and Lacoste say it was designed with spontaneity and fun in mind.

It has cut-out doors to make jumping into it easy. Getting into the back-seats might be a bit trickier mind, what with the front seats being fixed in place.

“Access to the back seats is just as easy with passengers just jumping onto the back bench.”

Well, that rather depends on who your passengers are doesn’t it? Your nan for example, isn’t likely to be jumping any where is she?

The windscreen also retracts down out of view to give a “harmonious waistline around the whole cabin” and presumably a buggy-style feel. It is however, illegal to drive on British roads without a windscreen.

Still it’s an interesting partnership, and actually, after looking at it for a while, I think I really rather like the car they’ve come up with. Why not build it hey guys? For a change.

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