Brand new Motion Plus-packing Wii Remote on the way

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flingsmash.JPGIt appears that a brand new build of Nintendo’s motion controlling Wii Remote has been inadvertently revealed in a Gamestop listing today.

Bundled in with upcoming Wii title FlingSmash is the previously unannounced Wii Remote Plus controller.

Though there’s no description of the Wii Remote Plus included, the FlingSmash box art brings us to the rather obvious conclusion that the new controller will include a built in Motion Plus unit.

The Motion Plus unit was released earlier in the year to coincide with the launch of Wii Sports Resort. It offers a far greater level of accuracy to a player’s waggles and waves, though until now has only been available as an external add-on to the regular Wii Remote. This new controller seems to fuse the two components together.

The game and new controller are listed up together at $49.99, which bodes well for the individual pricing of the controller come its near-certain stand-alone release.

Via: Gamestop

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