Top 5 waterproof digital cameras for taking your holiday snaps with

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Following’s findings last week that 22% of Brits end up causing on average £209 worth of damage to their tech gear whilst on holiday, we thought we’d scour the Gadget Globe in search of the latest waterproof cameras that you should be thinking about taking with you on your holidays.

With one in twenty people admitting to either dropping their cameras in the pool or down the toilet (blueeeraggh!) having one of these snappers could save your photos from a watery grave. If you do intend to drop your gadgets down the loo however, may we also recommend packing a pair of rubber gloves and some bleach too?

Hit the gallery below to check them out

Gerald Lynch
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  • The camera with the best picture quality out of these is the canon d10 and the panasonic ft2 (a.k.a. ts2) both go to a depth of 30 feet underwater and are shockproof and freezeproof. the big selling point for the panasonic is that it’s slim and fits in your pocket compared to the canon which is bulky and can make people think you have some abnormal boner in your pants

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