Samsung OLED TV still "coming soon", 3D OLED TV in the works?

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Samsung are again looking to drum up interest in their forever-delayed OLED range. This time Sammy have been talking up the potential of a 3D OLED TV.

Confirming that a large OLED TV screen from their stable was still coming soon, Samsung’s Brian Berkeley also said that OLED displays would be perfect for 3D screens due to their high contrast ratios and quick response times. A 3D TV using OLED technology from Samsung could be just “a few years down the line”.

Fair enough if Samsung are holding out until they can merge 3D and OLED tech together into one super-TV, but I tremble at the thought of its accompanying price tag. They’d best get their act together if they’re to make launching a smaller regular OLED HDTV worthwhile though – rivals Sony and LG both have 14 and 15 inch OLED screens respectively already available on the market, and the last thing an expensive, relatively niche product category like this needs is another competitor.

Via: OLED Info

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