Motorola and Verizon to team up for TV tablet

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Motorola_Logo.jpgMotorola are to team up with Verizon to launch a 10 inch internet tablet device, the Financial Times are reporting today.

With a specific emphasis on TV viewing, the device is said to tie into Verizon’s FIOS pay-TV service and run Google’s Android operating system.

According to the FT, whose sources are said to be “people briefed on the plans” for the device, the tablet will be “thinner and lighter than the iPad and let users share its wireless data connection with nearby devices” as well as offering “two cameras, one for taking photos and the other facing the user for video conferencing”.

There will also be full Flash support, the lack of which in the iPad is something of a sore spot among among its detractors.

Though no official announcement has been made, the device could launch as soon as the Autumn Stateside.

Via: Financial Times

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