iPhone 4 and iPad jailbreak hits via Jailbreakme.com

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The iPhone 4 and iPad can now be jailbroken thanks to developer Comex and the folks over at Jailbreakme.com.

Done through the Safari browser on the device itself rather than having to connect to a computer, the process, as shown in the above video from 9to5mac.com, can take just a few seconds to complete.

For those new to the concept of jailbreaking, the process allows you to run apps not approved by Apple, many of which circumvent DRM (Digital Rights Management) software. The jailbreak should be compatible with both iOS 3.2 and iOS 4, but wont work with the iOS 4.1 developer’s beta build.

The process was recently legalised in the US after the Library of Congress added a new clause to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

A word of caution before you go any further however. As well as the usual security risks you become vulnerable to when jailbreaking hardware, you’re also going to void your Apple warranty by trying this out. Your toy, your responsibility, but make sure you’re at least aware of the risks first.

Check it out at jailbreakme.com.

Gerald Lynch
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