Gallery: MyTown – SimCity meets Foursquare in new iPhone app

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my town 1.jpgThe MyTown iPhone app has just launched internationally. After wooing 2.8 million US fans, iPhone owners across the globe can now enjoy the free app which tasks you with creating your own town from places you visit in the real world.

The game works in much the same way as Foursquare. Using location data provided by Google’s Places service, you visit real-world properties and buy their virtual counterparts as seen in the game to make your own town, collecting rent to level up and unlock new abilities and items to help you progress.

It’s pretty addictive, made all the more so by social elements such as Facebook integration. There’s even a store with which to buy themes to give your town that personal touch, including a marauding Godzilla like character that ransacks your city.

Grab the MyTown app by clicking here.

Click below for more screenshots

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