Apple to launch new iPod Touch model on September 7th?

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Apple question mark.jpgRumours are hotting up this morning that Apple are looking to hold a product launch event on September 7th. What could Apple have instore for us?

Well, if the September launch track record of the last few years is anything to go by, it’s most likely a new iPod Touch model. Apple have released a new iPod Touch every September since the line began in 2007, with the Cupertino electronics firm reportedly working on one with a 5MP camera, video calling abilities and an A4 chip.

It’s not the only possibility however. Talk of a new Apple TV service has picked up over the course of the year, with Apple looking to relaunch the line under the iTV moniker to bring it back in line with the rest of their branding. The new iTV service will reportedly feature the iOS software, allowing you to play about with apps on your telly.

The possibility of an iTV launch is further backed up news that Apple have entered “advanced talks” with News Corp over the possibility of offering their network TV shows as rental downloads.

With no official announcement to go on, it could of course be all smoke and no fire, or even a left-field curve-ball like the launch of a smaller iPad. We’ll have any further news on any Apple launch should it come to pass.

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