Apple patent suggests iMac Touch is in development

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Apple-logo.jpgA patent filed by Apple called “Transitioning between Modes of Input” seems to suggest that the kings of Cupertino are working on a touchscreen iMac.

The iMac Touch (as it will inevitable be known should it ever see the light of day) would be an all-in-one machine, housing both the screen and processing units in one case. The system would be dual booting, likely running both OS X for mouse-based input and iOS for finger-friendly controls.

Sitting on an iMac “Flex Base”, the touchscreen could be activated in two ways, either by activating pressure sensors on either side of the screen, or by angling the screen until it entered the touch-sensitive “Slant Mode”.

A touchscreen Macbook is also detailed, with a swivelling screen that would fold down into a tablet-like form factor.

Scroll down for some images from the patent that give a taste of what may be lurking deep in Apple’s test labs.

Via: Patently Apple

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