45% of consumers would buy an iPad just because it's a looker, new research suggests

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iPad and the App StoreiPad is magical. iPad is thousands of apps. iPad is…? Well if you ask the average Joe on the street, it’s just its very pretty looks that matter apparently.

While Steve Jobs and the Apple team may have branded the tablet as a do-everything device, new research from BroadbandExpert.co.uk shows that many consumers were sold solely on the design of the iPad. Of 1,000 surveyed, 34% of respondents replied that they “would like one either because the iPad itself looks good or that they themselves wanted to look good in front of friends”.

Only 26% of those surveyed said that apps or the device’s technical capabilities would affect whether or not they would consider purchasing an iPad.

24% of 18-24 year olds questioned by BroadbandExpert.co.uk said they would never even consider buying an iPad, which must cause some worry in Cupertino as that’s surely a fair chunk of the tablet’s target audience.

Rob Webber, commercial director of Broadband Expert says:  “We wanted to conduct a light-hearted survey to find out a bit about the public’s early perception of the iPad.  

“Our research shows that more people see the iPad as a stylish accessory or status symbol, rather than a functional piece of kit.  It begs the question; do UK consumers really know what an iPad can do?  We have even heard rumours of people buying an iPad believing it to be a giant Smart Phone.  It made us smile to think of them holding it up to their ear and trying to make a call on it like a mobile.”

Gerald Lynch
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