12-core Mac Pro beast hits Apple Stores

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12 core mac pro.GIFThe 12-core Mac Pro desktop beast is now available from Apple online and in retail stores worldwide. Prices start at a hefty £3,999, but you’re getting one hell of a machine for your dough.

Entry models feature two 2.66GHz six-core Intel Xeon Westmere processors, a 1TB hard drive and 6GB of RAM, with an ATI Radeon HD 5770 in charge of graphics duties.

Splash a bit more cash again and the 12-core Mac Pro gets very powerful indeed, with options that include upgrading the processor from 2.66 GHz to 2.93GHz, squeezing in dual ATI Radeon HD 5770 cards, upping the RAM to 32GB and throwing in even more storage space.

Interested? Click here to order.

Gerald Lynch
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  • seriously though, who would put that kind of money up for such a hobbled machine?

    for less than a quarter of the price i could put together a pc that would wipe the floor with any mac.

    apple fans can’t even say they can run photoshop better – with every version it gets faster and more stable on the pc. no wonder jobs hates adobe!!!!

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