Yahoo! launch Messenger and Mail apps for Android

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Yahoo! are dishing out some Android lovin’ today by revealing two new free Android apps based on their Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger applications.

The Yahoo! Mail app has all the functionality you’d hope from this sort of download. Send and receive emails with push notifications, send directly from the application’s address book as well as your phone’s own contact list, as well as having the ability to upload photos and attachments and download received ones too.

The Yahoo! Messenger app keeps things similarly straightforward. Send and receive instant messages from your contacts, or photos from your gallery or straight from your camera, while the app can run in the background only alerting you when a new message comes in.

The apps are available now on the Android Marketplace for any user running version 2.0 or above of the OS.

Android is a bit of crowded spot for these sort of apps when you consider the whole OS is optimised for use with Google’s own Gmail and Google Talk apps, but there will be no complaints from Yahoo! users you’d imagine.

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