Unofficial Flash workaround coming to jailbroken iPads

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Steve Jobs may be caught up in a never-ending spat with Adobe over their Flash software, but that hasn’t stopped the enterprising Comex from building a workaround to put Flash onto Apple’s iPad tablet.

Frash, as it is called, will let users watch Flash web videos on their iPads when installed on jailbroken iPads. Steve Jobs notably dismissed Flash as a dying format (much to iPad buyer’s dismay), claiming that it was too much of a battery drain for the Apple tablet.

A port based on the Adobe Flash for Android version, it’s been put together by the same guy that built the Spirit untethered jailbreak app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Comex plans to release version of Frash for iPod and iPhone 3GS/ 4 devices, and a version for iOS4 soon too. As it stands though it’s still only being tested on the iPad. We’ll let you know when it gets a general public release.


Gerald Lynch
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