Non-stop gaming record broken during 50 straight hours of Red Dead Redemption!

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Red Dead Redemption review 4.jpegThe Guinness World Record for non-stop gaming has been broken by six plucky Dutch gamers. Edward and Maykel Leest from Boxmeer and Hengelo, Sven de Vries from Lelystad, Renzo Bos from Baarlo, Robbie van Eijkeren from Middelburg and Marcel van Waardenburg from Amsterdam played Rockstar’s western epic Red Dead Redemption for 50 hours straight to smash the record.

I love Red Dead Redemption, but two and a bit days in front of a TV sounds absolutely mental to me. No news on whether or not they were allowed toilet breaks, but I’ve got a funny little image in my head of the 6 Dutchmen with so much conviction to the cause that they are sitting there playing a violent western game in nappies.

The 6 gamers had initially been competing for the coveted title, but became friends along the way and entered into a pact to drop controllers simultaneously come the 50 hour mark. “The contestants entered as rivals but left as friends,” said Gaz Deaves, official adjudicator of Guinness World Records.

The title was previously held by Chirantan Patnaik from India with a time of 40 hours and 20 minutes back in September of 2009. Perhaps if he’d been playing a game as good as Red Dead Redemption he could have hung in a little longer?

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  • Hardly a record, there is countless examples of people who have played more than 50 straight hours. The most notable example being the Korean man who went 56hours playing WoW, unfortunately he died due to dehydration but regardless he still managed it and that was in 2005. Thankfully game tracking and news paper reports for this are easily obtained through a quick Google search. What is also quite amusing is the fact this article misses out that they where allowed “breaks” every hour. After 5hours they where allowed 50 minutes rest. So this “non-stop gaming” is pure rubbish, in reality it is stop start.

    • The difference here though Franco is that this has been officially recognised by Guinness. Anyone can claim to do something in the comfort of their own home, but Guinness have strict protocols that must be followed if you are to reach the record books, with breaks during the gaming session or otherwise.

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