LG tease new tablet PC, reveal pair of Android Froyo phones

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LG logo.jpgLG have unveiled a pair of Android Froyo handsets, amidst news that the South Korean electronics giants are planning to release a tablet PC too. Are LG planning a mobile/tablet duo to rival the Samsung Galaxy and accompanying tablet, as well as the iPad and iPhone 4 tag team?

The first of the two Froyo handsets will be a re-working of the LG LSU950 with a 3.8 inch WVGA screen, HD recording with HDMI out and full Flash support when Android 2.2 goes overground. The second phone will be the full-QWERTY packing LG LU2300, due for the Android 2.2 upgrade by Q4 of 2010.

While there’s no sign of the LG LSU950 making its way to the UK, the fact that the LG LU2300 has popped up on the Brit LG blog suggests that it may make the jump across the seas to our shores.

LG’s statement also revealed their plans to release an Android-based tablet PC before the year is out too. While there is no further details at this point, that time-frame is suggestive of an Android 2.2 OS making an appearance.

We’ll keep you posted on this one as anything new pops up.

Gerald Lynch
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