Japan on 3D TV: A resounding "meh"

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Japan 3D.jpgIt’s been dubbed as a televisual revolution, the year when 3D tech bursts out of cinemas and into living rooms. If there was one nation of early adopters you’d have banked on jumping head-first into the 3D fray, it’d be the tech-savvy consumers of Japan, right?

Wrong. It appears that the Land of the Rising Sun still cant see what the third-dimensional fuss is all about.

A survey of 8, 957 Japanese consumers found that nearly 70% of those questioned had “no plans” to purchase a 3D TV. That’s not a bad number for a sample pool really, which must send chills down the spines of Samsung and Sony execs.

So what was the reasoning behind the 70 percent’s indifference? For 70% of the, er, 70% it came down to not wanting to wear silly 3D glasses, while the remaining 30% were put off by the high asking price of 3D technology. Pretty much the same reasons as everyone else’s around the world then!

Still, if 30% of Japanese consumers all went out and bought a 3D TV, that’d be quite the success story. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon really, is it?

Via: Reuters

Gerald Lynch
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